Helson Sharkmaster 1000M

The 2nd purchase of 2011, a long awaited piece as a bday gift for myself.

The Helson Sharkmaster.

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Wanted to jump onto it during the pre-order stage but somehow hesitated, probably I was bitten by the impulse purchase and flipping of the Ocean7 LM-7 and also limited funds at that time.

I eventually gave in and purchased direct from Peter Helson.

Firstly, I was torn between all the different variation, 3 or 9 o’clock crown, blue or black dial, black or silver date wheel….

As I haven’t got the chance to try it out, 9 o’clock crown or destro seems kinda weird, especially when you are setting the time, (had a experience with the Ocean7 LM-7).

Between blue and black, I prefer black.

So there it is.

Taken with the Raynox 250 mounted on a 50mm F1.8.

Finally gave my Raynox 250 another chance, my previous attempt with it didn’t went that well, probably because I left it at F1.8. Almost everything was out of focus. LOL.

The main reason why I like the Helson SM so much is because of it’s monobloc case design.

One solid piece case, it’s a fine modern piece to add to my growing monobloc collection.

For those who find it familiar, it’s a Omega Seamaster 1000 homage.

More info here: http://www.convention-floor-videos.com/seamaster1000/

I don’t think I can find one within reach, so I went for the next best thing.

A very solid piece

I decided to match it with the 22mm Omega Mesh, leaving the Helson mesh untouched.

Another frontal shot playing with the reflection from the sapphire crystal and acrylic bezel insert.

What’s a review without a lume and a wrist shot ?

The good thing about case design is that it follows the curve of your wrist, so it might fit on a smaller wrist without the lugs protruding out too much and it’s not pointed lugs, it’s sort of hidden with a hood.

Measurement wise, it’s about 45mm on the curved back from spring bar to spring bar, almost 1.8″, if I measure the entire case length from 1 lug hood to another, it’s 53.75mm.

Overall it’s a very nice solid piece and it sits nicely on my 7″ wrist, although you need to tighten the bracelet or straps as it’s pretty top heavy.

Hope you enjoyed reading my short mini review.

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