Omega Mesh VS Helson Sharkmaster Mesh

Yet another mesh bracelet comparison, this time it’s Omega VS Helson.

The Helson mesh comes together with the Sharkmaster and it can be separately purchased, Peter from Helson quoted USD70 shipped.

Omega on the left, Helson on the right

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Quality is pretty comparable, of course Omega has the better finishing and feel but it’s very very close, looking at this side of the bracelet, it’s almost identical with no logos or marking to set them apart.

Here’s where it’s different, the Omega mesh has better finishing at the edge where the links are cut off. I should really get a better shot of this, here’s another shot of the Omega VS another Hong Kong mesh:

Here’s another differentiator, the flare at the end.

As it’s a 22 tapered to 20mm bracelet, the Omega flare out more gracefully, and the Helson looks uneven, it’s the same case as my other Hong Kong mesh.

The Helson clasp is as good as the Omega, with a cheeky play on the placement of the [H] logo.

Finally, the same issue, the flaring at the end.

Hope this will help in choosing a mesh bracelet for your next purchase.

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