Orient Star GMT DJ00001B

Visited Big Time yesterday, it’s my first time there, so I was there with my family, wanted to visit them for the longest time, yet couldn’t find the time to be there.

Nice to see a display of Seiko JDMs, Tunas and all the Orients and Orient Stars in the same place. My wife wanted to get a gift for me, so we were browsing around and I wanted to look at the Orient Stars that was posted recently by chris and eventually a few pieces caught my eye.


Wife suggested the M-Force but I didn’t like the design and it’s kinda light for it’s size. Tried the Orient Stars but I prefer my dress watches to be on leather as the bracelet makes the watch looks small, then finally… the GMT or they called it the Starseeker.


I went on about this being the newer GMT model, although it was launched more than a year ago. Yeoman’s review on it:http://yeomanseiko.com/2011/09/10/orient-star-gmt-dj00001b/

I had the chance to handle one in Japan, 3 years ago but it was the older model, the GMT hand was not independent. This however is, hand winding, hacking with a independent GMT hand. Basically like a ETA 2893 movement.

After handling it for a while, my mind is set, this is it.


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Jenny Caribbean 50th Anniversary Re-edition

When okies8 first shared this back in Nov, I was so tempted yet unsure. The yellow is screaming out at me but I was hesitant, so I waited for more photos of the actual watch, as they slowly appear on WUS, I decided to jump onto it. Placed an order by end of Nov, the watch finally arrived almost a month later.

At the first glance, it’s almost exactly a replica of the original Jenny Caribbean, the distinct differences are bigger case, screwed down case back vs a monobloc case design, dial and hands and the logo used.

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Pelican 1470 as a Watch Case

Inspired by how others used Pelican cases to store their watches, Quasimodo had arranged a MO and managed to secure a few pieces for us.

I was excited when I first collected the case, I had no idea how big or small the case is, I just jump onto the MO as I don’t have a good case for transporting my watches if I’m going to a gathering.

We ordered the Pelican 1470 case, http://www.pelican.com/cases_detail.php?Case=1470

Upon receiving it, I’m so anxious to start messing around with the Pick N Pluck™ foam but I’m also holding back on the size and layout of the slots to be cut out.

There’s so many different layout and sizes that you can think of, took’s Quasimodo idea of putting it on the PC to make sense of the layout, I decided on Excel which in it’s simplest form, just rows and columns to help me in deciding the layout and the size of each block.


I toyed the idea of different sizes, 4×6, 4×7 and so on, I took  Ivan’s advise on 4×7 and viola, the first block is out.

The whole idea is not to get to the exact size but  smaller so the sponge can grip on the object tightly, rather than having a loose fit with the object wiggling around.

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Halios 1000M aka Puck DLC Version

Back in April, I was on the fence when a MO was organised for the Halios Puck. I registered interest but withdrew when the funds went to another vintage Caribbean.

When I discovered there’s a DLC version, boy was I tempted, cautious at the same time as I don’t have very good experiences with coated watch cases. After going through a few posts on WUS, I decided to take the plunge and went ahead and contacted the friendly MO organiser if there’s room for me.

Fast forward to October,  the watch is in my hands, it’s really a long wait for me.


It is a really solid piece. I simply love the black tone, it’s not a solid polished PVD black that I feared most, it’s brushed and kinda dark gun-metal colour.

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