Year end clean up

Unfortunately a web host cancelled my account without notice a while ago. (one of those unlimited web host with a catch).

As it was unlimited, I uploaded the earlier photos there before switching to Flickr. Even now I’m not sure if I want to continue with Flickr or upload everything into WordPress media library.

Decisions, decisions, it also meant that my earlier blog posts are without images anymore. Those before mid-2010. 

Much awaited update

It seems that I kind of neglected this space, it’s amazing to see how the world went by. Social media, Friendster, Facebook Twitter, Instagram..

(no I’m not on myspace. much).

So what’s next ?

I could list down my social media presence, but that won’t be fun for those graphing it.

So 2018, time for a reflection and put some life into this space.

Fake Canon BG-E5 Battery Grip

I hope this post catches your attention and serves as a warning for those who think there’s a deal too good to be true.

Well, I ordered this battery grip from ePrey for my holiday trip, it’s only USD90 with shipping I thought I got a great deal. (It’s around SGD180 brand new from retail stores)

After waiting for so long, it didn’t arrived and I got an offer from a guy who saw my WTB post in a buy/sell forum, so I bought it immediately from him, thinking I can sell the one from ePrey when I’m back.

Then just a couple of days before my trip, I got an email from ePrey warning me about this seller.

We’re writing to let you know that we removed the listing for the following item that you won or bid on:

27XXXXXXXX16 – Canon BG-E5 Battery Grip f/EOS Rebel XSi Digital Camera

To help protect you, we removed this listing so we can confirm that the seller is not putting you or other eBay members at risk.

I did and checked the feedback of the seller, apparently he has been selling fake products !!

Lucky for ePrey buyer protection, I got my USD90 back, I went for my trip with my 2nd hand grip.

Now I’m back, the grip that I ordered has arrived sitting inside the parcel.

Here are the comparison photos to spread the awareness that fake products do exist, they do look like the real thing, however on a closer inspection, the flaws will show.

Arrived today, looking good.

It seems to come with everything.
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