vintage for life

I have officially launch my new blog/shop, titled Vintage for life. I will be selling some of my Soviet mechanical watches for my collection and other pre-owned accessories.

Do visit the site and show your support 🙂

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  1. Hi Jiehong,

    my name is Edwin and i am very interested in soviet watches too! i have a very small collection of soviet watches so far and i am keen in expanding the collection further. so far, most of my purchases have been from a 2nd hand shop @ landmark hotel there, have you purchased any watches from there before?

    with regards to soviet watches, do you have any advice as to how to distinguish between a real watch and a fake one? im not sure as to how to tell the difference and would like to find out more with regards to that! also, if my watch is spoilt, do you know of any place that i should go and repair them?

    hope you can help me with these queries! would be very grateful for that!

    thanksa lot and keep up your watch collection! will continue to oogle at your collection!


  2. Hi Edwin,

    I did visited that shop, a couple of times, in fact I bought a Vostok Amphibian from him.

    The worrying thing about collecting Soviet watches is that their parts are often being replaced from other models or other watches. Usually their watchmakers will prefer to fix it to a functional state rather than the original state.

    A site which I visit often for reference is, he has a massive collection which is search-able and it’s great for reference.

    You can refer to my little gallery too 🙂

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