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About jiehong.org

This space used be to about documenting my solutions, scripts and HowTos and my craze over vintage mechanical watches.

As a future reference for me and my friends, hopefully it helps the anonymous readers as well.

Most of the content is almost a decade or coming to a decade old.

It’s high time I put some life into it.

Jie-Hong, Lim, Dec 2017



Year end clean up

Unfortunately a web host cancelled my account without notice a while ago. (one of those unlimited web host with a catch). As it was unlimited, I uploaded the earlier photos there before switching to Flickr. Even now I’m not sure if I want to continue with¬†Flickr or upload everything into WordPress media library. Decisions, decisions, …

Much awaited update

It seems that I kind of neglected this space, it’s amazing to see how the world went by. Social media, Friendster, Facebook Twitter, Instagram.. (no I’m not on myspace. much). So what’s next ? I could list down my social media presence, but that won’t be fun for those graphing it. So 2018, time for …