Omega Mesh vs Hong Kong Mesh

Spent the morning take photos of the Omega mesh, damn it’s a good bracelet.

When I handled badern’s mesh the first time, I didn’t have another mesh to compare to, so I thought all mesh are made equal.

So now I have both the Hong Kong adjustable mesh and Omega mesh side by side, hope the series of photos will help you decide if it’s worth shelling the extra bucks for it.

Side by Side comparison

Here you can see the Omega mesh on the left is better finished and smoother to the feel.

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The gaps in between the links are pretty ok for both bracelet, the only thing is the links on the Omega mesh is flatter instead of rounder.

Here’s the main quality difference, as you can see each links are cut off and secured uniformly.

While the HK mesh is welded at the end, I believe it’s due to the design of adjustable links, it has to taper from 22mm to 16mm, that’s why more links are cut and weld to be secure.

Another good and bad point of the HK mesh is that, it’s easily adjustable, you can remove the extra links easily but it’s only secured with that 2 piece screw.

The day before I received the Omega mesh, I was putting on my Aquadive then the mesh came apart. I was shocked, as the screw wasn’t tightly fasten and it just dropped out. Lucky for me, it didn’t drop out halfway through the day.

As it’s designed in this manner for flexibility, it also introduce more points of failure.

As for the Omega mesh, it’s not that flexible, fixed length and you have 5 holes for micro adjustment at the clasp.

So it’s as long as 155mm or as short as 137mm, for those big wrist, you need to get the clasp extender for another 17mm more.

For my 7″ wrist, I’m wearing at the 2nd last hole so I think it will fit most wrist below 7″.

The back of the clasp

It works like seat buckle, push it in to secure, lift up the clasp to unlock.

How it all fits.

Omega Mesh

HK Mesh

They look pretty much the same from far, it’s only upon closer inspection then you will see the difference.

Hope you enjoyed it.