Aquadive Caribbean on Mesh Bracelet

I recently bought this mesh bracelet from goodcheapman, this month really the month of bracelets, after getting 1 for my Alba Black Wave and 1 Anvil bracelet.

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The bracelet can also be found at Tung Choy and William Jean ebay stores. Prices varies so do check them out.

Specs from the seller:
Mesh thickness: 4.3mm
Fixed length of the mesh: 55mm
Length of links: 11mm
Weight: 77g
Total: 190mm

After sizing for my 7″ wrist, it’s around 60g, the anvil is 80g. I ordered the 22mm and it tapers to 20mm.

Here’s a my mini review of it

Here’s how the mesh is secured to the clasp, via screwed down type of pin.

Double locking clasp is pretty decent.

Finishing is not very nice at the end of the links, you can see a bit of welding done to close up the loop.

The problem is, both sides of the non-adjustable mesh are of equal length, so if we size it for the smaller wrist, it’s possible that the clasp will not be in the center.

As you can see, I remove all and leaving 1 removable piece on the outer end for my 7″ wrist.

The clasp is like any normal bracelet, same quality as the Anvil, but I like the thick inter-links underneath the clasp (Can’t really remember if they have a term for it.).

Aquadive Caribbean, basically a match made in heaven… beautiful

Hope you like my review.