Touch Pro incoming call lag and Answerkeys Disabler

The reason why I added this new tweak and application is because I keep getting missed calls on my HTC Touch Pro. 🙂

Do you ever notice you keep getting missed calls too ? It’s either the tight fitting case decided to touch Ignore on the screen while you are pulling out your phone or you just can’t pick up the phone on time.

Try calling yourself. You will notice that your phone light up with incoming call displayed but the ringtone and vibration kicks in after 1-2s. By that time, the other party has already been waiting for 3-4s ?

Taking the time to take the phone from your pocket or case, it’s a good 5-6s. This lag comes from the Touch Flo skin for Phone. I disabled the Touch Flo skin, when I call my phone, it rings without lag.

Disable it by using the Advanced Configuration Tool, Under Phone, change “Phone Skin” to disabled

As for the case problem, you need answerkey disabler
this will lock your screen when there’s an incoming call, so you can use your hard keys to answer the phone.

2 Replies to “Touch Pro incoming call lag and Answerkeys Disabler”

  1. Does disabling the dialler skin not disable your in-call volume function?
    I have read in several places that when skin is disabled u can’t increase/decrease volume.

  2. Hmm, I didn’t really notice as after I tweaked the volume to be louder, I thought I can’t adjust it anymore.

    The other thing that I notice is, after disabling the skin, you can’t make video call !

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