I have no idea what Gyrator means but it’s a program to customise what actions to execute based on the events that your Touch Pro’s accelerometer generates.

For e.g, I can configure in such a way that when I turn my Touch Pro facing down, it will turn the screen off.

The possibilities are endless ! You can configure to perform the actions for any programs that is active on screen.

Program author’s description:

Gyrator is a c# based program which will automatically rotate the screen in your device, so that it is always in the correct orientation for the way you are holding it

Gyrator will enable your device to:

  • Automatically rotate the screen orientation to match that of the device
  • Automatically lock your device, or turn off the screen when the device is placed in a certain orientation
  • React to the stylus being inserted and removed from the device
  • Notify you when an event has ocurred by means of vibration or audiable alert.


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  1. Just a little FYI, its two words merged together:

    Gyroscope and Rotator => Gyrator

    Its also some kind of electronics thing for rectifying current I think, but I’ve little knowledge of that kind of thing 🙂

    (Also: I’m liking the theme of this site, very calm and tranquil)

  2. Hi,

    I’m actually trying to figure out how to use gyrator and im kinda lost. U mentioned that u could actually suspend the device by facing it down. How do i go bout doing that?

  3. Oh, it’s real simple.

    I refer to their screenshots

    Go to Menu, Options, Events
    Click and hold on the first event and select “Add Event”.
    You will see a new line created with “
    Click and hold on “
    ” and select “Edit”
    Click “Any Window” at the Application Tab
    Check “Face down” at the Orientation Tab
    Check “Suspend Device” at the Events Tab
    Click “Apply”
    Back at the Events Configuration, click and hold on your created event, select Orientation.
    Click “Apply”

    The new line should be something like * 1 16 32

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