Ocean7 LM-7, a homage to Omega Ploprof 600m

I also got this recently, after I got poison deeply by the Omega Ploprof 600m !

I got to learn that Ocean7 actually released a Ploprof homage, LM-7, couple of years ago. I was tempted by it, didn’t really like the SS version, so I managed to source a pre-owned PVD version.

It’s using a Sellita SW200 movement, a ETA 2824 clone. Time keeping is still great, +5-6s after 5 days, even thou it’s a year old watch and I might be the 3rd owner already.

Anyway, I spent some time reading about the whole process of this watch in Watchuseek Ocean7 forum, from how the idea was formed to production, it took a year before it started shipping at the end of 2008 !

It’s amazing how they managed to design this watch with so many inputs from the forum, going over the details of the color of the dial, 5-minute interval markers, acrylic or sapphire bezel insert etc.


Red bezel lock button

Another close up of the front, I really like the watch and the solidly built case.

It is possible to adjust the bezel while wearing the watch . You have to adjust the bezel with your thumb and index finger, while pressing the button down with your middle finger.

If you are wearing it on your left hand, it’s a little harder, you have to adjust the bezel with your thumb and middle finger, while pressing the button down with your index finger.

Both the crystal and bezel insert uses sapphire, making the front surface of the watch very scratch resistance.

Check out the hands, the lume is great.

Signed crown !

Case back, according to the past post forum posting, every watch will be pressured tested for the 1000m rating.

It’s definitely “Swiss Made”, halfway through the project, a lawyer from the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, contacted them to investigate their use of the designation, “Swiss Made”, on their watches.

Ocean7 proved their claims, to their satisfaction and passes their criteria for the use of that designation.

Now for the straps try-out, choosing the most suitable shoes.

Original Ocean7 isofrane rubber

Brown pilot leather ?

Tanned leather ?

Carbon fiber ?

Thick straight leather ?

Orange rubber ?

Black bracelet ? It’s rubber from Panatime.

Zulu for the toolish look ?

Well, I settled for this plain black leather strap for a change from rubber.

It’s waterproof. *grin*

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  1. Hi, i am considering buying the LM 7 from Ocean 7 direct at the close out price of USD799 but i was thinking of taking a look and feel of the watch before buying. I know its rather brash but i was wondering if we can meetup for me to see the LM7 and also the Helson Sharkmaster (if its not too much to ask).
    thanks much.

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