Aquadive Caribbean 1000M Vintage Diver

The Aquadive 1000M vintage diver watch under the company Jenny. It’s a monobloc case, meaning it’s a one big piece of steel case.

When Jenny created the Caribbean 1000, it was the very first 1000m dive watch and the patents were first registered in 1964 with a tripple safe one piece case.

It was later branded by Jenny for Philip Watch, Jaques Monnat, Jaquet Droz, Ollech & Wajs, Aquadive, Fortis, and probably some others.

Today the Jenny Family currently own Doxa.

More info here:

Well enough talk. Here are the pics.



An acrylic bezel insert

Solid case back, it has been refinished, the markings are there, barely visible

The marks are:

Automatic Incabloc Fullsteel Super Water Resistance
Swiss Made
Brevet 17531/68 18350/68
Brevet 5292/68

Here’s my collection of monobloc cases from Soviet Union, Switzerland and Japan.

Here’s how they stack up

Finally their beautiful case backs (real plain for the Soviet Zlatoust Diver)

Here’s how they wear.

The USSR Zlatoust diver, despite it’s size, it’s only 3ATM or an operating depth of 30m.

No there’s no typo there, given the technology in USSR in the 60s, this is probably the only diver watch before Vostok came out with a 20ATM dive watch around 1967.

As for wearing it ? I doubt anybody can put it off, unless you have 10″ wrist ? It’s 60mm without crown and 80mm from lug to lug and a 20mm crown. 😡

It looks way too big.

My wrist is only 7″, after all, it’s meant to be worn outside a wet suit.

Seiko MarineMaster 300

I think the reason of the case back design is comfort. Despite, a high profile and a heavy case, the MM300 sits pretty well on my wrist and it’s very comfortable.

Read more about the Seiko MarineMaster 300 here

They are all great watches in their own way, I’m glad to have them in my collection.

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  1. hi… the Aquadive look interesting… where did get it from? what is the price range like… thank you…



  2. hello i have a blue face aquadive #709 5292/68 caribbean watch im selling it is in great condition the face is great i have photos call me 760-978-1360 brett it was my grandpa he bought it new in late 60n or early 70? make me a offer i seen what they go for on e-bay and this on has the band and in great condition

  3. have one of these Aqua Dives 7154177? serial #? Caribbean triple safe. Full steel swiss made brev+17531/68+18350/68 BREV+5292/68 SUPER WATER RESISTANT AUTOMATIC no band. whats somrthing like this valued?

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