HTC Touch HD out next week exclusive to Starhub

I have just attended a PPCSG organized event with speakers from HTC and Microsoft.

HTC Touch HD was demonstrated with the final ROM for Singapore, tips and tricks are shared and finally Microsoft giving a sneak preview of the Windows Live Wave 3.0.

So the highlight was on HTC Touch HD and live sets were available for us to try.

Since I own a Touch Pro, comparing the speed of the Touch Flo 3D, it’s blazing fast on the Touch HD. I wonder if it’s a software or a hardware enhancement, I haven’t been chasing the news on Touch HD.

New features like Stock updates, Focus zoom on camera takes HTC to another level.

Well, I still prefer a physical keypads, I can’t get used to soft keys but the screen size of the Touch HD really stands out.

Lastly, the Touch HD speaker seems to be better, the audio from YouTube is really loud and clear.

My verdict, if you want to unified your media and mobile needs, HTC Touch HD is for you.