My HTC Touch Pro has arrived

Finally, my HTC Touch Pro has arrived few days ago. I have traded in my Sony Ericsson P1i.

Good bye UIQ3, Hello Windows Mobile.

I have switched my provider from M1 to Singtel due to certain job reasons. 🙂 I have requested the number portability to retain my previous number, so I have requested Singtel to arrange to be activate my new SIM card once my M1 contract has expired. It’s like 4-5 days more when I signed up, so they agreed to this arrangement.

While I’m waiting for my Singtel SIM to be activated with Broadband on Mobile, I’m using ActiveSync or Wi-Fi connectivity for Internet access on my HTC Touch Pro. I have configured Microsoft Exchange but that requires my Touch Pro to be configured with phone lock with a timeout of 15mins !

So practically every time, I have to unlock my phone as the bloody timeout is too short ! Oh well, it’s always security over usability.

I have added 2 more new pages to my blog, namely HTC Touch Pro Tips and Applications. They are gathered from sources like PPC SG and HWZ.