Seiko SRP233K1 Limited Edition

This is a very quick purchase, decided the moment I had a good feel of it.

What attracts me to the this model is
– Red, I just love red.
– Better movement, hacks, hand winds. I would have ignore if it’s a 7S.


It is a limited edition run of 3 colours, red, rose gold and yellow gold, 1300 pieces per colours. Rumours had it that Singapore has only 200 sets.

Wore it for the whole of last week and I will continue wearing it through Lunar New Year.

Love the red.

Back with the LE inscription.

Side profile, although it’s plastic, the red just makes it look so good…

Close up

Zoom in (real dimensions: 640 x 481)Image
Finally, a pretty good quality wooden box  is given.

Grab them while they are still available ! 🙂

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  1. Hi bro, i’m quite into watches but at your site i cant seem to see the pricing. care to advice? thanks alot.

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