Site down..

My previous host, prolinkhosting decided to suspend my hosting services and I am NOT GOING TO USE THEIR SERVICES ever again.

I only noticed that my site is suspended on 18th Sept and I wrote an email to the [email protected] No answers ! I wrote again on 19th, yet again no replies.

I looked for another email address to write to, this time it’s the [email protected] and finally a reply on the next day, 21st.

“Hi. You should received this email the other day –

We regret to inform you that your domain, has been suspended for inappropriate use of server resources.

Specifically, we noted an abnormally high CPU load. We note that our AUP protects the server by allowing for usage of 10% of the CPU’s resources. For stability reasons, we must keep this site in a suspended state.

Please confirm your paypal email so we can send a pro-rated refund for your unused hosting portion.

If you need a backup of your site, let us know.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


So I responded that I will like to them activate my account so that I can re-look into the site and check what’s actually hogging my CPU usage.

Here’s the reply from [email protected] yesterday.

“Sorry but its out of our control…this was done by the datacenter. Regards.”

It took me 3 days to get a reply on my site status and just to find out they can’t do anything.

I decided to move on to look for another reliable web host. I used to host with A Small Orange and I really like their service. Every support email is responded within a day, sometimes within that hour.

So here I am, back in business, I only have an export of my blog up till 3rd Sept, which means all my recent post on Sony Ericsson P1i is gone !

Let’s see if prolinkhosting can redeem themselves by providing me a backup of my site which they promise.