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I finally got myself a Poljot Strela reissue.

If I remember correctly, this reissue model is 1 of the earliest from Poljot. There are subsequent reissues from Poljot International and Volmax.

I am very impressed with the details on the dial and the overall case finishing.

Front shots

Case back.

Now some folks out there find the logo rather annoying, so in order to remove it, you have to remove the case back and find a way scratch it away.

A comparison with an older vintage Poljot Strela.

The dial and case design is very faithful to the original Strela. It makes a very nice dressy watch.

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    How did you mange to get one? Can you share the link or source?

  2. 2

    Hi Derek,

    They can still be found on eBay. Hope you find yours.

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