Pelican 1470 as a Watch Case

Inspired by how others used Pelican cases to store their watches, Quasimodo had arranged a MO and managed to secure a few pieces for us.

I was excited when I first collected the case, I had no idea how big or small the case is, I just jump onto the MO as I don’t have a good case for transporting my watches if I’m going to a gathering.

We ordered the Pelican 1470 case,

Upon receiving it, I’m so anxious to start messing around with the Pick N Pluck™ foam but I’m also holding back on the size and layout of the slots to be cut out.

There’s so many different layout and sizes that you can think of, took’s Quasimodo idea of putting it on the PC to make sense of the layout, I decided on Excel which in it’s simplest form, just rows and columns to help me in deciding the layout and the size of each block.


I toyed the idea of different sizes, 4×6, 4×7 and so on, I took  Ivan’s advise on 4×7 and viola, the first block is out.

The whole idea is not to get to the exact size but  smaller so the sponge can grip on the object tightly, rather than having a loose fit with the object wiggling around.

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