Free & Useful HTC Touch Pro Applications

Listing some of the free & useful apps that I used for my HTC Touch Pro.

PHM Registry Editor – alternative registry editor, I was able to Import/Export with this editor.

Gyrator – a very flexible tool to perform various actions based on certain events, like screen orientation or stylus insertion or removal.

PocketPuTTY – everyone’s favourite tool, Secure Shell Client

Klaxon – alternative alarm clock

Basically it’s a just an Alarm Clock, however you can snooze or off the alarms with movements. E.g flipping your phone to snooze and shakig it with 20G of force to off it.

Advanced Configuration Tool – System Tweaks

There are over 200 settings covering user interface, performances, power management and HTC Touch Flo configurable.

Advanced Task Manager – System Monitoring

A better task manager for  system monitoring, list and closes active applications and displays usage of storage space.

Registry Editor – System Tweaks

As it is, a Windows Mobile registry editor.

Finally to note, some applications requires the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5

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