Sony Ericsson P1i Tips

Compiling a list of Sony Ericsson P1i Usage Tips – Inspired by a P1i forum thread in HWZ

* Pressing right on the rocker button with “Back Space” and “L” acts as a quick delete like in previous Sony Ericsson “C” function.

Contributed by bojangle

* You can press “Y” or “N” on your keyboard to answer “Yes” or “No” user prompts instead of tapping on the screen.

Contributed by daniel_83

* To ensure that you send a resized MMS picture, “Go to Control Panel -> Messages -> MMS-Account -> Press more -> Advanced settings -> Creation mode, change it to Restricted.”

Contributed by boner

* To ensure that you only uses WLAN networks for surfing, Create a group with all your WLAN networks and set it as your preferred Network

“Go to Control Panel -> Connections -> Internet Accounts -> Groups”

I will add more tips as time goes by. Hope it’s useful to you.

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Signing off, a previous and proud owner of Sony Ericsson K800i, S700i, T610i, T68i.

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