Free UIQ 3 Applications

Some of free UIQ 3 applications that I use with my Sony Ericsson P1i.

Free IM and VOIP client:

A interesting mobile VOIP client that supports VOIP, Skype, MSN, ICQ, Google Talk and SIP.

After using for a couple of chat sessions, I still prefer Agile Messenger but it’s not free.

Opera Mini Browser:

Great browser replacing the default Opera Web Browser. The version 4 which is still in beta has really great features, page zoom, frames support and more.

Their Technology: uses remote server to pre-process web pages before sending them to your phone. Web content is compressed to reduce the size of data transferred, enabling handling on simpler phones and creating fast browsing at low costs.

Opera Mini 4 Beta 2

Screenshot of Opera Mini loading Outlook Web Access

RSS Reader/Aggregator:

A good RSS Reader replacement. The default RSS Reader in my Sony Ericsson P1 has problem adding certain feeds and updates for certain feeds always ended with errors.

The free account with FreeRange allows up to 10 feeds, you have to pay to have unlimited feeds.

FreeRange FreeRange FreeRange

Screenshots of FreeRange with my subscribed RSS feeds, articles and the article abstract.

Desktop Enhancement:

This is 1 great application. It allows you to have a customised “desktop”. Beats the default UIQ desktop interface.


This is my GDesk layout, pretty neat huh.

Shell coding:

Interesting application, you can write and execute scripts based on mShell library. The mShell library supports several phone functions like camera, sms, file IO etc.


Hello World ?

Open Source Applications :

Several applications can be found here, PuTTY, The Open Source Capture, Python and Ruby on UIQ.

PuTTY The Open Screen Capture

Screenshot of PuTTY with a SSH session with my Ubuntu box and TOSC, (The Open Screen Capture) simple interface.

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