Wednesday, October 18th, 2006 | Author:

Wow I need to get a U3 Thumbdrive !

A thumbdrive with 2 partition, 1 which emulate a CD/DVDrom device when plugged into your workstation.

Quoted from Wikipedia, “USB flash drives adhering to the U3 specification are termed “U3 smart drives” by “U3 smart drives” differ from traditional USB flash drives because they come preinstalled with the U3 Launchpad, which emulates the Windows OS start menu, and controls program installation.”

Autorun ? Payload ? Malware ? endless ways to go right through your cleverly laid perimeter security. USB shall be seen as EVIL !

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Monday, September 04th, 2006 | Author:

Run for a cause for the coming Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2006 ! I’m pledging $1 for every KM that Dave will be running.

He said he will quit smoking, he did !

He said he will complete a 42KM marathon, well he will !

Details of the Fund Raising event:

Email him @ davekiat at gmail dottie com

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Thursday, August 17th, 2006 | Author:

Japanese is an easy language to pronounce and hear, which is why we keep hearing people utter simple Japanese words like chotto matte, and sayounara.”

Learn Japanese the easy way online. FREE !

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Sunday, July 16th, 2006 | Author:

VMware has announced VMware Server 1.0 and it’s FREE.

I’m a great fan of VMware Workstation for testing various Linux distros and creating a infrastructure to test certain software features.

With VMware Server free, I can bring my work home too. (Not really a good thought ?)

You can download VMware Server here.

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Wednesday, May 31st, 2006 | Author:

FreeNAS is a free NAS server. Install on any x86 pc and convert it to a NAS serving CIFS (samba), FTP, NFS, RSYNC protocols.

Software RAID is supported at the following levels, 0, 1, 5. All configuration is done through the web interface.

Maybe I can put my old dual P3 system to good use.

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Tuesday, May 16th, 2006 | Author:

I just love the way how Macromedia Flash has envolved on the internet, from stupid flash animations, cartoons, short animated movies to streaming video and audio. Check this site out, taking Flash to the next level. Streaming Audio all day long !

Enter your favourite artist or song and it will discover and stream music to you ! Now I can dump all my internet radio stations. 🙂

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Friday, May 12th, 2006 | Author:

I have a problem which most of us are facing.

How many usernames and passwords are you keeping track of ? Or even the email address that you used to create that account with ? Admit it, most of us have more than 1 email address. 🙂
So how do you keep track of them ? Save into a spreadsheet ? Are they secured ? Most spreadsheets built-in protection are not good enough.


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Tuesday, April 25th, 2006 | Author:

I was looking for a host uptime tracking service and I found Host-Tracker.

Now I can track my site uptime and the sampling time can be set at every 1 min ! Most other free services offer 15mins to 30mins which is just not good enough.

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Monday, April 24th, 2006 | Author:

Will companies use a system like ISMS to ensure that they are meeting with ISO17799, BS7799 compliance for Information Security ?

ISMS in short, Information Security Management System
ISMS, detailed documentation on controls, threats, vulnerabilities.

Any book to recommend or document templates samples for an inspiring Security Auditor ? :p

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Monday, April 24th, 2006 | Author:

When I plugged in my USB harddisk to my PC, to my horror, I started to hear some kind of clicking sound and the harddisk is trying to spin up and stop repeatively.

So I looked at my system’s dmesg messages and realised my HDD is a goner. My OS is unable to mount the vfat partition.

Remove the 2.5in harddisk from my USB casing and connected it back into my IBM X21, inserted an Ubuntu 5.10 LiveCD. Once Gnome desktop came up, I tried to mount the partition again, this time is successful !

I managed to save most of my data except 2 ISO files which I suspected they are residing on the harddisk bad sectors. I ran the harddisk diagnostic tool, guess what, bad blocks were detected.
Googled around and found a site with most of the different harddisk vendors’ Low Level Formatting tools. At the same time, I decided to “nuke” my harddisk.


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