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Finally, just a week since I placed my order @


The unboxing begins…

Big box…

What’s that..

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CDs or DVDs with a NATO strap

Ah, now I remembered, I ordered 2 !

Enough with the unboxing teasing…

Here they are….

With my Doxa that I’m wearing today.

Bathyscaphe 100, big and hefty, 22mm lugs, definitely putting on the omega mesh…

Vintage NOS, didn’t expect it to be this size, slightly smaller than the 2nd generation Vostok Amphibian, same kind of pillow case. It’s definitely small as compared to the Bathyscaphe 100, but by itself, it’s definitely the right size for a vintage diver built back in 1962.

Wrist shots

The Bathyscaphe 100 comes with a Isofrane rubber strap, the vanilla is driving me a little crazy thou.

The Vintage NOS diver comes with a Tropic rubber strap.

Love how they share where they are made in.

AQUADIVE 200 vintage NOS

  • Case including caseback and bezel made in 1962 in Switzerland
  • Crystal made in 1962 in Switzerland
  • Movement made in Switzerland
  • Dial made in Switzerland
  • Hands made in Switzerland
  • Strap: NOS Tropic rubber strap (unknown origin), NATO straps are made in Far East
  • Watch box China
  • Warranty Card made in the EU
  • User manual made in the EU


  • Case including caseback and bezel made in Pforzheim Germany, DLC coated in Switzerland, next generation will be made in house in Pforzheim
  • Crystal made in Switzerland
  • Movement made in Switzerland
  • Dial raw dial originates from Far East, coating and printing are carried out in Switzerland
  • Hands raw materials are made in Austria, SL coating and finishing in Switzerland
  • Bezel insert: raw ceramic bezel made in China to European Standards, coating and finishing and quality control in Pforzheim Germany
  • Strap: made in Italy
  • Bracelet: supplied by an EU based company in Pforzheim/Germany and made in their manufacturing facility in (undisclosed) according to German standards
  • Watch box Far East
  • Warranty Card made in the EU
  • User manual made in the EU


These are just quick snaps with my iPhone 4S (amazing photo quality), will post up a review soon with more close ups. 🙂

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