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Finally, I got myself a pocket watch. A Молния / Molnija 3602.


Model: Pocket Watch
Movement: Molnija 3602 manual wind
Jewels: 18
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds

It has a sub dial second hand.

Movement shot

If you look at the movement shot, right on the top, there’s an inscription “85 2”. It means that this movement is produced during the 2nd quarter of 1985.

Inscription: “Made in USSR”

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    hy!!can you please tell me…I have a molnija pocket watch very old…and I dont know what kind of model is and I would like to no how much is the price of it…you can see the model on that link.. on the right side of picture…thank you!! ! can you plese send me a replay soon

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    Hi, if you can pop the back of the watch, you can determine how is it. The factory usually mark the date of manufacture “quarter-year”. Example, 85-4 like mine means 4th quarter of 1985.

    That dial design is quite common, they usually go around 20-60USD depending on their condition. I hope that helps !

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