Seiko Vintage Chronograph, 6138-0011, the UFO

I just got my first vintage Seiko Chronograph with the 6138 caliber. Automatic with manual winding, column wheel and also uses a vertical clutch system.

Well, I been wearing it for a while, it’s about time to post up a decent review of it yet.

The Seiko 6138-0011 also know as the UFO. I went to read up a bit on Seiko chronographs and why everybody was advising on leaving the chronograph function on.

It’s an automatic chronograph movement, using column wheel to engage the chronograph function and most importantly, it’s using a vertical clutch system.

In typical chronograph, like my Poljot 3133, it brings the chronograph wheel train into contact with the normal power train to start the chronograph. In such engagement, usually you will see a jerky start and for the 3133, the size of gear teeth do not match, it will cause a lot of wear and tear if you keep the chronograph moving.

The special vertical clutch system, is always running and it will engage or disengage from the clutch face that carries the central chronograph hand.

You can read more on how the vertical clutch works here:

Its a tad boring but you will get to know why it’s recommended to leave the chronograph turned on for vertical clutch based chronograph.

As for me, I got it last week, it’s been running for almost a week, ran of out power reserve for 1 day, I wind it up, yes, we can wind the 6138 manually.

It’s keeping really good time so far.

More photos:

Close up of the dial, using a Raynox Macro lens

Exposure of 1.6s, love how the second hand sweeps.

The back

The front with it’s spreaded wings

K2, Mr Goh’s thick thick 20mm Paros strap

Battle scars as my friend put it…

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  1. somehow the link to the verticle clutch on horomundi doe snot work. do you have a correct link?

    Would be interesting to read as i have two seiko with the 6138 movt.


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  3. I would like to ask a question, if you have availability to respond.

    I have a Seiko Vintage Chronograph, 6138-0011, the UFO, it was from my father.
    Unfortunately does not work because it is no longer used any years ago and had a corrosion problem !! I wonder if the clock is recoverable and where can I do or should I send?
    thank you very much

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