Seiko Black Sumo, SBDC001

Here’s my mini short review of Seiko Sumo.

Well, it’s a 6L15 with hand winding and hacking feature. I really like hand winding my watch. Besides reading time and adjusting time, hand winding is the closest thing with interacting with the watch.

Most of my Russian watches are hand windable, they tend to go “click click click” when you wind, it’s the click going against the ratchet wheel. The click also prevents the main spring from unwinding.

Anyway, on newer movements, like 6L15 and ETA 2824, the winding goes without such clicking. It’s has a sandy feel, like sticking something into the sand and twisting it.

That’s the main difference on hand winding for me and the hacking is a bonus feature.

The watch, chunky piece of metal with a beautiful finished dial, raised hour markers.

Signed crown, a very nice touch, as my other Seiko do not have any signed crown.

Head only, very nice mirror polish, thou it’s like a scratch magnet if you are not careful with poking through drilled lug.

Damn solid end links, also problematic as you can see from the following shots…

Sumo on leather, doesn’t cut it. The gap is way too wide.

Wrist shot with leather, the gaps look ok here, but you have to look at it in person.

Rubber, same issue but the gap is smaller, more acceptable.

Finally, with my straight ends Anvil. Doesn’t cut it too.

Ok, now for the comparisons.

Sinn-ko VS Sumo VS Monster, some commented about the fat fonts on Sumo.. well it’s a Sumo what.

Sinn-ko VS Sumo VS Monster crown shot, signed crown is nice.

Anvil & Stock Bracelet comparison, now here’s where some will pick on, the puny sized bracelet. It’s actually 20mm and tapered down ! I didn’t measure, but it’s around 18mm. I think it should be 22 and tapered to 20.

Sumo with butterfly wings.

Sinn-ko with heavy duty flappers.

Monster with hmmm, monster wings..

And sadly, it has parted to his new owner.

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  1. hey man, great blog! i just bought a Seiko Spork (Sinn-ko) and i LOVE the band you have on yours. Where can i get one? And when shopping for other bands, what size do i need for my Seiko?

    I’m new to Seiko divers and found that it’s hard to find the info i want for upgrading mine.

    Thanks a bunch!

    – Ron

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