Fring + Pfingo = Pfringo ?

Right, I’m slow with this SIP VOIP stuff.  When I subscribed to Pfingo SIP service, I was searching high and low for the client for UIQ3, since Sony Ericsson P1 is supported.

Guess what ? From the instructions, I have to contact Sony Ericsson to install the internet telephony software. If I were to update my P1 firmware, it will be a clean install.

My colleague who introduced Pfingo to me, mentioned that somebody configured Fring to use Pfingo SIP server to make SIP calls.

Remember Fring ? The multi-IM client for UIQ3 ? 

So here’s how we configure Fring.

Start Fring, Manage Communities, Select SIP and enter the information below.

User ID: your pfingoTALK number
Password: your pfingoTALK password (different from your pfingo login)
SIP Server List: others
SIP Account:

Chat away !!