Updated version of the iPhone iLock

Ah, remember my previous post on the iLock for Java enabled phones like my Sony Ericsson P1i. It was Java based, so it’s like executing an application to key lock your phone, it’s slow and ineffective.

Now here comes the newest beta of the iPhone iLock by Kwull. It’s a UIQ3 app and it’s fast, upon unlocking, it stays in the background with minimal memory resources.


I’m using the version 0.41, well there are some bugs like backlight at very low levels, keypad not lighting up, camera button is not locked, just to name a few.

It’s even customizable like the graphics which can be found in a mbm file in d:\shared\iphonelock\skin.mbm and an iphonelock.ini for behaviours.

Overall, it’s a good add-on for UIQ phones. Highly recommended